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You have just started off in your career and are looking at ways to park and invest your monthly surplus.


 Guidance to invest in suitable products, someone who can explain the pros and cons and set up an easy way to invest and track the investments.  

You are busy and successful in your corporate life, have families with children, hobbies and hectic lifestyles, have multiple responsibilities and goals


 A trustworthy advisor who can act as a one point contact to handle all matters related to your money 

Most of your life goals are met, you are looking forward to retiring sometime soon


 Consolidating and improving longevity of your portfolio / generating passive income / be tax efficient and low cost and smoothly passing on assets to the next generation 

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Hello. I am Bhuvanaa Shreeram. 

I am a financial Planner (CFP CM), blogger, everyday learner, passionate teacher, a very involved mom and a few things more..

When I was younger I wanted to be a journalist. Dad thought it was a way too ambitious and unsuitable for a middle class Tambram girl to be one. So, I satisfy my cravings to shoot and report through my video blogs. Catch me on Youtube.

After 12 years in the corporate world across manufacturing and financial services, in 2016 I found my calling in helping young families, successful busy corporate executives, first generation entrepreneurs, youngsters just building their careers and those who are closer to retirement lead a life of financial freedom and prosperity.

I keep sharing what I read, do, goof up, miss and learn on my blogs and various social media platforms. Catch me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn

I read fiction more than self help, prefer hopeless romantic comedies over action movies, watch tennis more than cricket, like talking to real people over crunching numbers, believe handwork trumps talent, have parenting challenges and struggle with staying in shape. 

Now your turn.

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