About Us

Design Your Financial Destiny


 Your beliefs determine your behavior. 

Your behavior determines your destiny.

Whether you are just starting off in your wealth creation journey, or looking to consolidate and fine tune your portfolio, or are closer to retirement and seeking regular cash flows from your wealth - we carefully construct your financial life plan making sure it is completely in agreement with your core values and life goals.

We start with understanding what is important to you. 

Our comprehensive financial planning services include Cash flow planning, Risk planning, Investment Planning. Optimal tax planning and Succession Planning

How It All Started


 3 years into our working life, my husband and I were having a tough going with our finances. We were down with a home loan and a car loan. We were expecting our child and I was keen to take some time off to be around with family. We had many decisions to make and no framework to make them or no one we could rely on to guide us. 14 years later now, Read More

  • we live in our own house near Mumbai
  • we have gotten off most of our loans except for the one we have kept for the tax breaks it gives us
  • we support both our parents
  • our child goes to an international school and pursues an expensive sport. 
  • I have retired from a full time corporate job and do what I love to do at my own pace
  • My husband plans to retire in the next 4 years and pursue his interest in sports and coaching 
  • With enough wealth that will see us through the next 50 years.

Not that I claim this to be a success story. We have been very thankful for all the help we got along the way, which we got in abundance. The more we thought about it, the more I have been convinced about helping others build a life of freedom and fulfilment as well.  

In the last 3 years we have worked with over 100 clients helping them build healthy relationships with money, investing intelligently, paying off loans faster than planned, building reserves for life’s goals and realising their dreams of financial freedom and we can't wait to help you too.  

About Me


Hello. I am Bhuvanaa Shreeram. Call me Bhuv’na.

I am a financial Planner (CFP CM), blogger, everyday learner, passionate teacher, a very involved mom blah.. blah..

When I was younger I wanted to be a journalist. Dad thought it was a way too ambitious and unsuitable for a middle class Tamil Brahmin girl to be one. So, I satisfy my cravings to shoot and report through my video blogs. Catch me on Youtube.

After 12 years in the corporate world across manufacturing and financial services, in 2016 I found my calling in helping successful but busy corporate executives, first generation entrepreneurs, youngsters just building their careers, young families and those who are closer to retirement lead a life of financial freedom and prosperity.

I keep sharing what I read, do, goof up, miss and learn on my blogs and various social media platforms. Catch me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn

I read fiction more than self help, prefer hopeless romantic comedies over action, watch tennis more than cricket, like talking to real people over crunching numbers, believe handwork trumps talent and struggle with staying in shape. 

Now your turn.