Our Team

Bhuvanaa Shreeram


 Founder & CEO 

Bhuvanaa is a Certified Financial Planner and also holds a Masters degree in Business. She has been in financial planning for over 15 years now. She is an avid reader, speaker and blogger. Her video blogs on personal finance are very popular. She obsesses about clients and struggles with following processes. She is the 'Why' person in the team.

Shreeram R


Head of Strategy

Shreeram holds a Masters degree in Business and has spent over 20 years in financial services industry, largely on the lending side. He comes with a scale mindset and insists on following processes. An avid marathoner and sports lover, he is the energy source behind the organisation and the 'What' person in the team.

Kajal Singh


Head - Client Experience

Kajal has a Masters degree in Business from Melbourne Business school and comes with process optimisations and operations experience with MNCs. She has a 'anything is doable' attitude but thinks in linear step by step terms. Also a regular marathoner, she is the 'How' person in the team.

Rajalakshmi Shankarraj


Sr. Executive - Client Engagement

Raji is an Engineer and comes with experience of working in banking operations. She ensures clients get the kind of experience they are promised and carefully takes them through the plan implementation process. 

Saniya Logde


Executive - Marketing

Saniya is an M.Com graduate and comes with a keep sense of design and aesthetics. She ensures that we are not the best kept secret around here and runs all our social media and marketing campaigns.

Tejal More


Executive Client Engagement

Tejal is a B.Com student and helps the Client engagement team function seamlessly. She generates all reports, puts the numbers together so that those who interact with clients say the right things.